Welcome to Harvard Project Bridge

What is Harvard Project Bridge?
A student-run free dental clinic at Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Under the supervision of a volunteer dentist, dental students offer basic dental services such as exams, cleanings, basic restorative needs and oral health counseling. They also offer health education sessions, which are given at the GED courses (offered by BOTW) during the day and also at the residential sites that are associated with BOTW.

Whats new with Harvard Project Bridge?
During the fall of 2016, Harvard Project Bridge is expanding our scope by partnering with the BOTW medical van and discussing the significance of oral hygiene to the participating youth in Boston Commons.  Our dedicated Community Outreach Coordinator, Lauren Azzopardi (HSDM ’18), spends her time building relationships with participants, hands out toothbrushes and tooth paste, and educates folks about the importance of a healthy oral cavity.  Her efforts are helping Harvard Project Bridge reach out to a larger population base and spreading the word for oral health care.

What is Bridge over Troubled Water (BOTW)
Bridge Over Troubled Waters (BOTW), is a larger organization serves 2,500 youth every year, between the ages of 14-24 with services ranging from free meals, showers, GED courses, job counseling/training, medical and dental care, transitional housing, to simply providing someone to talk to.